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If you don’t wanly your private photos leaked, don’t take them. If you don’t want to be robbed, don’t own anything. If you don’t want to be murdered, don’t be alive.


For those who are curious, this is how my bedroom/bathroom looks 365 days out of the year. :) Yes, it’s my ACTUAL bedroom. And I’m proud to say, I decorated it all myself. I don’t just have a blog about Halloween, I LIVE it. It’s my inspiration. Much like this blog, Halloween is every day of the year in my world.

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the fact that there have no leaked nudes in my dashboard proves that i’m following the right people

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let me preface this by saying i am fat.

and i am body positive as much as i can be (even though it’s a lifelong process) and i’m still learning and everything

but i am going to say i fucking hate all about that bass

and before i get any hateful messages (if anyone even reads this far) about 'at least she's trying' please just read until the end before you send that shit

problem #1 “skinny shaming”

i’m listing this one first because it isn’t a huge ‘problem’ in my eyes. not just because i’m fat, but because the amount of body hate and negative stigma against thin-ness in society is slim to none compared to fat hate. this is one tiny thing that people are losing their heads over the most, furthering the proof that society gives every shit about everything to do with thinness (good or bad). so yeah it sucks having your body shamed publicly like that. welcome to every fat persons life. 

problem #2 the fat shaming

for a song aimed at body positivity there is literally both ends of the body shaming spectrum represented. go figure. she literally says ‘hey you’re skinny bitches lol jk i know you think you’re fat BUT YOU’RE NOT YOU’RE PERFECT” guess what that does? continue the harmful fucking stigma that fat is a bad word and the worst thing you can be. you’re not perfect if you think you’re fat. well fuck you meghan trainor, i think i am fat BECAUSE I AM AND I AM PERFECT 

problem #3 the ideal that you need someone else to love your body

this is probably the most harmful thing about it and even if every other problem i had with this song magically disappeared it wouldn’t fucking matter. first of all, using the boys like curves not skinny girls argument is so fucking old and body shaming. (the exact opposite of what this song is trying to do) second of all WHO THE FUCK CARES. it does not matter what ANYONE thinks about your body but you. no matter what. we don’t need another fucking song telling us that we should only love our bodies or qualities because other people like those qualities. no.

problem #4 little to no representation in the video

i don’t even have to explain this one.

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